Communication network
At present, the fourth industrial Revolution, characterized by digitalization, networking and intelligence, is booming, and network communication is rapidly penetrating into all aspects of the real economy, constantly subverting the traditional manufacturing mode, production organization mode and industrial system form. The integration of 5G, artificial intelligence, advanced computing and other innovative technologies into network communications has promoted the evolution and upgrading of various communication terminal products. The explosion of mobile data and the popularization of "Internet of everything" have brought the explosive growth of the number of network communication equipment, and then the static electricity and surge protection of communication equipment and the demand for protective devices are also increasing.

Instant Thunder Electronics, focusing on the research and development, production, manufacturing of protective devices, to provide full coverage of circuit protection application scenario solutions. For network communication terminals in different application scenarios, it can provide ESD and surge protection products with different lines and requirements of different levels, such as power interfaces, communication interfaces, and digital interfaces.
RJ45 Defense Party Case (1)
RJ45 Defense Case (2)
RJ45 Defense Case (3)
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