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Letter core semiconductor won the "specialization, the new enterprise" the honorary title

In 2022 in jiangxi province, specialization, "new" list of small and medium-sized enterprises recognized Jiang Xixin core semiconductor list!

Specialization, "new" is the country to encourage enterprises to realize specialization operation, fine production, characterization technology and new product development and set up four prizes. The award from the business income, operating profit, r&d, innovation ability, market occupancy rate, intellectual property rights and so on multi-dimensional comprehensive evaluation to the enterprise and the professional examination, specialization, new enterprises of the country the number ratio of about 0.1%.

Jiang Xixin core semiconductor co., LTD., founded in 2019, is a transient ray electronic chips and independent testing, factory mainly chip and the finished product packaging design and production, TVS, the third generation advanced chip technology and unique packaging structure.

Selected specialization, new enterprises in jiangxi province, the successful is the instantaneous ray level of electronic science and technology research and development, innovation ability, management and comprehensive strength aspects of recognition, is the instantaneous ray electronics over the years adhere to independent innovation, and always maintain the market competitive advantage.

Factory is located in xinfeng county of jiangxi province ganzhou city high-tech industrial park, jiangxi deep high-speed rail has been opened, convenient transportation, welcomed the broad masses of customers at any time to communicate, understanding more transient ray electrons.

Instantaneous ray electronic always adhere to the "fine and steady" product strategy, focus on providing customers with the best quality protection device and a full range of protection scheme, the future will also unceasingly enterprising, innovation, using its own strong technical innovation ability, continuously develop high quality of the products, to provide users with leading solutions, to narrow the gap between domestic and world advanced level semiconductor continuous efforts!


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